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Over many years of quality, professional service, Lakeside Plumbing Inc has acquired the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the work that needs to be done. This makes it possible for us to provide you with a realistic and fair estimate before any service is begun.

Lakeside Plumbing Inc was founded in 1981 by Charles Downing. In 2002 the company changed ownership to Peter A. Bartolomeo who is currently CEO. The company has grown tremendously since 1981 under the careful supervision of Mr. Charles Downing and Mr. Peter A. Bartolomeo.  To their credit, Lakeside Plumbing Inc’s reputation stands alone as one of the industry’s premier plumbing contractors in the Tampa Bay area.  Our reputation is based on reliable and superior craftsmanship.  All of our employees take pride in their job performance and quality of work.  Lakeside Plumbing Inc employs state-of-the-art computer programs and can generate intricate job take-off sheets and cost-per-square-foot relationships.  Requisition and job reporting can be tailored to match our clients' needs. 

We use our own equipment, this saves you from extra rental fees or delays when the right equipment is not readily available to others. It also means less time involved once the job has started.

Lakeside Plumbing Inc Plumbing Services


Water that flows freely and easily throughout our homes and businesses makes our lives cleaner, easier, safer and more comfortable. We tend to take water flow in our homes and businesses for granted until something goes wrong. Anyone who's experienced the trauma of a backed-up toilet, bathtub or sink, a flooded basement, or leaky pipes and appliances knows firsthand the damage and dread they can cause.

At Lakeside Plumbing we offer the following services to ensure you the job will get done properly:

Sewer Service
Electric & jet cleaning, repair and replacement of sewer lines, and all household drains.

Water Heaters
Repair of all brands, new installations, modifications including upgrades and resizing, replacements.

Residential and commercial gas inspections, all attic piping, as well as interior and exterior drains.

Repair and installation of all brands, recommendations for upgrades to existing fixtures, and provision of new water lines.

Water Lines
Location and repair of leaks, replacement of faulty lines, installation of new lines, and rerouting.

About Us

Lakeside Plumbing Inc has established itself as a leading and reliable provider of plumbing services for the Oldsmar, FL area . We employ knowledgeable, licensed plumbers to ensure that work is done right the first time.

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